Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack Commentary

Source Booklet of Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack: Without Boundaries

Album Commentary

Author Designation
Takashi Iizuka Producer
Morio Kishimoto Wii U Version Director
Takao Hirabayashi Nintendo 3DS Version Director
Tomoya Ohtani Sound Director / Composer

Track Commentary

Name Designation
Tomoya Ohtani Composer
Takahito Eguchi
Naofumi Hataya
Tracks: Disc 1
Title Author
Wonder World - Title Theme -
  • Tomoya Ohtani
  • Takahito Eguchi
Cutscene - Opening Takahito Eguchi
Windy Hill - Zone1 Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - Eggman & the Deadly Six Takahito Eguchi
Windy Hill - Zone2 Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Indigo Asteroid
Careening Cavern
Color Power - Cyan Laser
Cutscene - Face-off with Zazz Takahito Eguchi
The Deadly Six Theme Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - The Cacophonic Conch Takahito Eguchi
Desert Ruins - Zone1 Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Crimson Eagle
Cutscene - Calling in the Heavy Hitter Takahito Eguchi
Honeycomb Highway Tomoya Ohtani
Sugar Lane
  • Naofumi Hataya
  • Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - Zomom’s Take-out Lunch Takahito Eguchi
Desert Ruins - Zone4 Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Yellow Drill
Cutscene - The Rise of the Six Takahito Eguchi
Cutscene - Who Got Us into This Mess?
Tropical Coast - Zone1 Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Yellow Drill (Submarine ver.)
Cutscene - A Legendary Master Appears Takahito Eguchi
Juice Archipelago Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Orange Rocket
Sea Bottom Segue
Cutscene - Eggman’s Secret Weapon Takahito Eguchi
Cutscene - Master Zik’s Warm-up
Cutscene - The Enemy of My Enemy Is…?
The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra ver.) Tomoya Ohtani
Tracks: Disc 2
Title Author
Title Screen Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - Tails Gets Angry Takahito Eguchi
Frozen Factory - Zone1 Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Ivory Lightning
Cutscene - Even a Rose Has Thorns Takahito Eguchi
Snowball Waltz Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - Eggman’s Buttons Pushed Takahito Eguchi
Double Down Tomoya Ohtani
Tilt the Machine
Color Power - Green Hover
Cutscene - Out of Character Takahito Eguchi
Silent Forest - Zone1 Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Grey Quake
Cutscene - It’s a Trap! Takahito Eguchi
Cutscene - Apathy Meets Disappointment
Midnight Owl Tomoya Ohtani
Owl Lights
Color Power - Magenta Rhythm
Island Relics
The Deadly Six Theme (Violin ver.)
Start Your Hedgehogs
Invincible (Sonic Heroes ver.)
Speed Up! (Reach for the Stars ver.)
Lost World Jingle
Mission Clear
Item Get Level 1
Item Get Level 2
Item Get Level 3
Item Get Level 4
Stage Clear (Synth ver.)
And the Winner Is…
Tracks: Disc 3
Title Author
The Lost Hex Takahito Eguchi
Sky Road - Zone1 Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - Zavok’s Taunt Takahito Eguchi
Dragon Dance Tomoya Ohtani
Color Power - Red Burst
Thundercloud Acropolis
Cutscene - Tails Gets an Upgrade? Takahito Eguchi
Battle with Zavok (Orchestra ver.) Tomoya Ohtani
Stage Clear
Cutscene - Eggman’s Sacrifice Takahito Eguchi
Cutscene - Revenge of the Six
Boss Rushes Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - Solitude Takahito Eguchi
Cutscene - Robo Tails Attacks!
Lava Mountain Tomoya Ohtani
Boss Rushes (Guitar ver.)
Battle with Zavok
Cutscene - Eggman Returns Takahito Eguchi
Dr. Eggman Showdown Tomoya Ohtani
Cutscene - Ending Takahito Eguchi
Tails Laboratory Tomoya Ohtani
Hidden World
Hidden World - Cubliclated
Hurry Up!
Tornado Time
Color Power - Black Wisp
Sky Road - Bonus Stage
Midnight Owl (Bayou Drums ver.)
Circus Caravan
Special Stage
Super Sonic (Wonder World ver.)