Takashi Iizuka


Takashi Iizuka on Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack:

We summarized the history of 20 years into one in the 20th anniversary commemorative title Sonic Generations. “In the following released title, let’s challenge new possibilities suitable for the new beginning of history…” That was our plan and the starting point of Sonic Lost World. I have continued wanting to adopt various playing in Sonic for some time, but Sonic, which holds a long history, is a series title, so the decided challenges were not easily formed. While we received the title that commemorates the 20th anniversary, this timing in which new history begins is when I considered as a challenging chance. The distinctive new enemy characters, the original action stages of cube shape, and last but not least, the designed worldview opposite to reality…. Many original ideas and playful minds of the creators involved in the production are packed to Sonic Lost World this time.

Of course, I think that you could also feel the fun different from the Sonic titles up to this point similarly in the indispensable sound aspect in enlivening the game. The ones that I especially like are the main theme and The Deadly Six Theme that appointed the orchestra. Although the main theme Wonder World is an orchestra recording, the fun atmosphere and worldview expansion that matched the game concept are skillfully expressed, and what’s more, The Deadly Six Theme is a piece perfectly fit for those comical and distinctive.

The wonderful and fun world that the playful minds and creativity of many creators produced in this way…. From the consideration of wanting to make this world, that thing, to the title, I named it Sonic Lost World.

I would be happy if all of you who listen to this soundtrack could also feel the fun of Sonic Lost World through the music.