Morio Kishimoto


Morio Kishimoto on Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack:

For the sound of Sonic Lost World, Mr. Ohtani had tackled the tasks of arranging the necessary elements for the music of the action game and strongly contributing in making the gameplay richer. It is certain to express the speed sensation in the sound aspect, but he especially conveyed it stressing how fun each stage is.

In developing Sonic Lost World, the outcome that had been tackled as the most important element and of pursuing the fun of the action game is different from the past Sonic games, which form one world with one theme, and becomes the composition of stages rich in appearance, playing as well as variation, forming one world with multiple themes, and it turned out that he prepared plenty of music, having the necessity of greatly concerning the sound at there as well. It is in order for the appearance, playing, and sound to become one, and to make sure that the people from Sonic fans to action game fans new to Sonic could experience the fun extensively. I think that it was completed as compositions typical of such game music in which you would want to play the game after recalling the playing memories when listening with just the music.

It has been three years of continuing to repeat the trial and error on how the future Sonic game should progress after celebrating the 20th anniversary milestone of Sonic’s birth in Sonic Generations, which is equivalent to the previous game, but I could feel the satisfying reactions. Thank you to all the staff involved in design, programming, and project, including sound.