Takao Hirabayashi


Takao Hirabayashi on Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack:

Sonic Lost World of Nintendo 3DS version becomes the Sonic that has incorporated 3D stages for the first time for handheld console. As for the reason of being able to incorporate the 3D stages, great improvement of console is one of them after all, but I feel that the benefit was big in the sound aspect, too.

For me personally, the time I work in Sonic series is since I was involved in Sonic Colors of Nintendo DS version. From the problems of processing speed, ROM, the memory capacity, and others of Nintendo DS console, we processed the majority of BGM and jingles with built-in sound source during Sonic Colors, so we were quite patient regarding the sounds like polyphony and tone quality, and took priority over game support, but this time, by the fact that it is 3DS, the room had been made in terms of console as well as ROM capacity, therefore the BGM’s stream playback in all the stages within the game was possible and the quality was drastically improved. Also concerning the event scenes, in conjunction with being able to implement the events with 3D movies this time, I think that you could enjoy the sound that has the realistic feeling now more than ever due to the improvement of music quality. About the quantity of music pieces, a significantly equal number is included in Wii U version as well, and various music, arrangements, and others from modern style to classical, European, Middle Eastern, Southern, and Chinese styles suitable for the diverse sceneries of the new continent this time are incorporated. The melodies appropriate for the settings and scenes of those stages, events, and others are assorted, but it is a Sonic title after all, so a great number of rhythmic and good-tempo pieces exactly like the character’s image are included. I would like all of you to enjoy the music with comfortable and cheerful mood by all means.

Moreover, the Special Stage as an element of 3DS version only is present, but that BGM was composed exclusively for 3DS version. Being a little unusual timbral music which was aware of the gravity-free 3D space, it is one of my favorites as well, so I would like you to try listening with this soundtrack by all means.

Regarding the contents of Sonic Lost World of Nintendo 3DS version, I feel proud that it became a flavored game that is still slightly different from Wii U version and in which you could feel the freshness in the diverse actions of parkour, battle, and others inexistent in Sonic so far while also leaving the touch like letting the old Sonic fans feel the nostalgia somewhere.

For the people who have purchased this soundtrack only of course and if there were people who have played the Wii U version only and have not yet played the 3DS version, I would like them to also try to play the 3DS version by all means. As for the people who have already enjoyed the 3DS version, I would be happy if they could do things like recalling the favorite scenes by listening to the high-quality sound source of the soundtrack as well as play the game from time to time.