Hiroshi Miyamoto


Hiroshi Miyamoto on Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack:

Sonic Generations started with the concept of commemorating the 20th anniversary of Sonic’s birth, of concentrating on the feeling of gratitude towards everyone who has supported Sonic so far, and of entirely delivering Sonic’s gameplay of 20 years.

However, the game as well as the sound clashed in the common issues immediately. It was the problem that how far we would alter the original works (original music) and how far we would retain them. Everyone has deep memories in which the titles, music, and others were played respectively, so if we completely modified even the core and the part of what we should also call as the invisible soul, something important in there would end up being spoiled. Nevertheless, on the other hand, it was also necessary to revise them boldly and offer new adventures along with new challenges typical of Sonic.

Besides, how far we would differentiate not only the original’s arrangements, but also the arrangements in Act1 and Act2 was a big issue, too. Moreover, it is stage music of a game, so it is also not something in which, if it is cool, it is fine. If we did not fit each element like increasing the action’s comfort along with the tempo that the game is carrying, the stage’s breath, and the sound effects, it would not function as BGM of a stage. Especially in Act1 and Act2, the game’s tempo largely varies, so it was necessary to add an arrangement that lets us feel the freshness on one hand yet without changing the essential impression while altering the tempo from the original. The existence of great difficulty in a tough job in which the feeling of balance is cared about even if only writing in words, is not hard to imagine, but whether that was successful in the end, it is probably needless to explain to all of you who have picked up this CD.

“An adventure that would be unforgettable after 5 years particularly because it is the 20th anniversary” is the phrase that I told everyone of the development team when making this title. Having said that since it is an anniversary title, we concentrated on the kind of wish that we would not simply assemble the 20 whole years and remake it, but like to deliver everyone a new adventure that would be unforgettable after 5 years in the next anniversary particularly because it is the 20th anniversary. Thanks to the hardship, efforts, and others of each staff who had engaged in the sound, I myself, as a Sonic fan, feel that the music offered in this CD was completed as something that is exactly suitable for that and unforgettable.

Including the sound staff, the whole development team would like to thank to all of you and we would go on doing our best even from now on so that the expectations would be met, so I would be happy if you could please look forward to the new adventure starting from now on while enjoying the adventure of 20 years along with this game.