Tetsu Katano

Tetsu Katano on Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack:

Even though I said to make a compilation with the game music released in the 20 years, we could not easily cover them all, and what’s more, I think that if we mix it completely, there would be something that we would not quite get used to and also a risk in which it would end up becoming something far from the fine ideal. I am a programmer, but what I have programmed are in the midst of the recorded works of this time, so my present involvement is not as a programmer on the active list, either. 20 years are something long and heavy about that much. However, this OST is excellent! Speaking of what is excellent, I want you to see the involved members by all means. It is of course that SEGA’s sound team is involved all together, but the new and old parts of Richard Jacques, Cash Cash, Mr. Kosugi, and so on intertwine and the people concerned are gathering. The participation of Mr. Taneda, Mr. Katsuji, and our Jun Senoue (music like track 9 of disc 1 turns out to be excellent!), the self-remix of Mr. Hataya transcending time (disc 3, track 2 is a must-listen!), etc. Above all, I’m fairly certain that the things like the moment when we can also listen to the remix versions of Mr. Nakamura’s compositions were only possible in this 20th anniversary title of Sonic! It is lucky that such VIPs could gather on the active list for the sake of Sonic.

As a Sonic fan, it is the feeling like the lingering excitement, but as a Director of Blue Adventure, I must touch the various things of its recorded music. For Casino Night: Act2 of track 3 of disc 2, the well-known Casino Night that I can exactly taste in live instruments is very pleasant. The showdown of Radical Highway’s remixes is also a very cool completion that I am fascinated by each of them. Back 2 Back of track 10 of disc 2 was music dissimilated from those days, but it’s suitable as representative music from handheld console. As for Tropical Resort: Act2 of track 15 of disc 2, the compositions of Sonic Colors, which are still fresh in my memory, are already good arrangements. The three pieces of boss battles are the remixes of Cash Cash, Richard, and Senoue respectively, but all of them are worth listening to due to the force of surpassing the originals. The parts of White Space-Time are also mixes of excitement, but I will leave that to Miyamoto. It’s too bad, though…. (Sarcastic laughs) If the game is a completion in which we can enjoy the history of the 20 whole years to our hearts’ content, it can probably be said that new and old people concerned jumble together in the sound as well and that it is exactly a “compilation.” By all means, let’s be good at how Sonic was loved by music and vice versa together in these 20 years!