Takashi Iizuka

Takashi Iizuka on Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack:

The one developed as the title that commemorates the 20th anniversary of Sonic’s birth is this Sonic Generations. The development started with the enthusiasm of deciding the title as if every fan, who has supported Sonic for 20 years, and every youth, who does not know much about Sonic, could entirely experience the history of 20 years in which Sonic has traveled on foot. Starting from the first generation Sonic the Hedgehog born in 1991, the reborn Sonic Adventure as the first 3D action in 1998, and to 2010’s Sonic Colors … numerous titles have been released in these 20 years.

I think that the development of this Sonic Generations has become a good motive to look back on the past even for me myself. With Sonic, I have learned something—Sonic 3 that I worked on frantically even if catching up with senior staff, Sonic Adventure that I was desperate for in order to produce the Sonic who would run around the 3D space that no one saw before, Sonic Adventure 2 that I was ready for the difficulty and started the development abroad even if adopting foreigners’ sensitivity…. During the development of Sonic Generations, the stages of successive titles turned into forms and whenever the stages’ music begins to play, I recalled something like the enthusiasm towards the memories, the game development, and others of those days. The music listened to in the past has the power that lets me mysteriously recall the memories, the feelings, and others, hasn’t it? What kind of memories do all of you have in these 20 years? I would be happy if each of you would look back on the history that you have walked by and become the energy that goes forward to the future through Sonic Generations that summarized Sonic’s history of 20 years and this soundtrack that included all the music.