Released Today, October 18 (Thursday)!


Sakae Osumi on Sonic Rush Adventure Staff Column:

Released Today, October 18 (Thursday)!

Gold Hall of Fame Induction of Weekly Famitsu!!

Hello everyone! I am Director Sakae Osumi. We have been able to welcome today, October 18 (Thursday), the release day peacefully at last! Clap, clap, clap. \(^O^)/

And it has achieved the Gold Hall of Fame in Weekly Famitsu released on October 12 (Friday)!! I feel proud that it is an action-adventure game which they can recommend to anyone at ease, so everyone, please try to play it by all means, all right?

Now, continuing from last time, I want to introduce about the game contents.

~ Explanation of How to Play and New Elements ~

Sonic Rush Adventure is a treasure-hunting big venture of traveling all over the South Sea. Based on the beautiful island called Southern Island, you will decide the sailing route with a sea chart and set out on a journey of adventure by ship.

When you have just started the game, there is only one vehicle and the sea chart is not in buried condition, either, but please try to draw the sailing route with your own hand and venture aiming at your favorite spot.

After deciding the sailing route, you will set out on the cruise journey at last!! During the cruise, let’s control the vehicle with stylus and head for the goal.

The way of going on to draw the sailing routes with your own hand, explore the sea chart, and discover new sea areas, islands, and others is exactly that thing—adventure!

Please try to experience the big ocean adventure that everyone dreams of with this Sonic Rush Adventure by all means.

For example, the vehicle control using stylus, which is one of the new elements!

I think that you, who are reading this Staff Column (^ー^), is already playing the official site’s Web Trial Version, but to the people who have not yet done so, please try to experience the exhilarating feeling of scampering through the blue ocean with stylus control by all means.

At the voyage destination, sometimes nothing might be found, or you might come across pirate ship or even run aground, but if you discovered an island, let’s try to land without getting lost.

Surely, some new discovery is waiting at the destination!

By obtaining various materials at the places of adventure, you can make new ships and the newly sailable sea area will go on expanding.

And we’ve also made the high-speed and yet dynamic horizontal-scrolling action stages, which fully used both the top and bottom screens well-received in the previous game Sonic Rush, more powerful!

We have inherited the playing feeling as well as further enhanced the 3D rendition and the like, and you have become able to experience the exhilarating playing that more intensity has increased.

Because we have intently pursued the simple and yet comfortable control feeling, please try to experience it by all means! (^ー^)

There’re also many gimmicks appearing in each island (stage), and many enjoyments, surprises, and others of control feeling that depend on the changes of situations rich in variation!

Please enjoy the heart-palpitating and exciting story development and the fully impacted new action to your heart’s content!!

Next time, I want to introduce about the expanding playing world using Wi-Fi compatibility.

Please look forward to it! (^-^ノ

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