Introduction …featuring “Open Your Heart”

Jun Senoue and Fumie Kumatani on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

Introduction …featuring “Open Your Heart

Senoue: The one that decorates the opening of this work is the music of the game’s opening movie. In the movie this time, I did not think, “The accompanied singing piece will keep playing all the way…” but considered, “Let’s use just the hook part of the main theme!!”, since the beginning. I think it became a result full of emphasis of impact, good tempo as well as tension. When this piece was produced, I called the staff of Sonic Team to listen to it in the studio, but at that point of time, “It’d go well!!”, we were already confident. Kumatani completed it according to the intent in the introductions of this piece and of Open Your Heart. I end up being excited when listening to it even now.

Kumatani: I myself think the introduction was coolly produced, too. When I was told about the image in the beginning, I could easily accept that it overlapped with my image as well. I had some difficulties, but after elaborating it a little, I could complete it, taking advantage of the momentum without stopping. I’m very satisfied.