Welcome to Station Square

Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, and Fumie Kumatani on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

Welcome to Station Square

Senoue: This is Station Square’s music which you can frequently listen to even in the game. I wonder if the refreshing and urban feeling would appear. Bassist Taneda is doing a good job.

Tokoi: The guitar’s moderate sentimental feeling and lightness of slapping are superb. Do it with bossa nova for the next by all means!!

Kumatani: During the demo stage (before arrangement), everyone had teased, “It’s like the fresh food department of a supermarket~!!” I wonder if I’d exaggerated. But when you tried to finish it, it was completed as a very stylish piece like the refreshing blowing wind, wasn’t it!!? Success!! Success!!

Senoue: Is that a compliment?

Kumatani: Yes~