SEGA CS Sound Team


SEGA CS Sound Team on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

The fourth related CD is the original sound track of Sonic Adventure!! The meaning of Digi-Log Conversation which becomes the title is…. Read the CD booklet, all right!!? By the way, you might know that the “Digi” of “Digi-Log” is the “Digi” of “Digital” and “Log” is the “Log” of “Analog.” This time, it seems that we have made and recorded more music than expected, and we tried to put in each of them up to the breaking point with 2-CD set, but not all were fit in. Too bad!!

Oh yes, we have been particular about various parts in this CD. It was unwelcome for the things such as credit and comments to come together in the booklet like the common game CDs. Even if we bought the movie soundtracks and such, they would not probably have things like producers’ comments. What we’re making is, of course, game music. But we are confident of deciding on things that we can seem to do alone even with just music. So we separated the music aspect and game aspect into two pieces for the booklet, too. It’s something that increases in size upon being unfolded and its back will also become a poster. For the rest, we handled the surfaces’ design of the CD album as well…. We have made a satisfactory thing with various meanings.

Even so, if the work of this CD finished, the job of Sonic Adventure would be done completely, too…. Therefore, we remember that we ended up feeling unusually lonely rather than happy.