Jun Senoue

Jun Senoue on Sonic Adventure Vocal Mini-Album:

Something “real.” It is one of the keywords of Sonic Adventure of this time. What I’ve imagined from that word is the realism performed by human being. Even if it were the same note, the sign different from programming would probably be felt from there.

Something “rock.” It is one of the sound concepts of this time. In order to decide on something new different from the Sonic so far, I did not follow the path up to the present. Something not only cool but also hotter would probably be felt from there.

When this project started with a small number of people, I had said, “I wanna make theme songs for each character,” but it turned out to be unnecessary at that point of time. But without giving up, I brought up the topic again in this year’s spring and was successful in my persuasion, meaning that they turned into forms and are all present here now.

I am proud of being able to deliver the real songs appropriate for Sonic of the real world.