Yuji Naka


Yuji Naka on Sonic Adventure Vocal Mini-Album:

Hello, I am Sonic Team Producer Naka. This Sonic Adventure is Sonic’s latest game after four years for the series. We have been able to release the mini album that included only the vocal songs from within this. Sonic Adventure integrates various elements based on the fun and exhilarating feeling of an action game so that a broader range of people could enjoy Sonic’s worldview, characters, and others. Producing the unique actions and different fun respectively, making the characters who have six personalities appear is one of them, too.

Then in order to derive each characteristic, we made the theme songs for all the characters, and for further symbolizing the image of the whole game, we produced the main theme of Sonic Adventure. I think that all of them have been completed as songs that can successfully express each character᾿s personality or individuality and the game’s image. I hope that you could listen to this mini album by all means and like Sonic’s world which he and his friends unfold. Dedicated to all the people supporting Sonic and Sonic Team.