Kenichi Tokoi


Kenichi Tokoi on Sonic Adventure Vocal Mini-Album:

“Jazz is the most wonderfully cool music in the world.”

The two weeks in NY since July 15, 1998 were the days of wonderful recording, the time when I had reconfirmed these words as a real thing. The session with the astute musicians, which started together with Beat On Beat’s Mr. Atsushi Kosugi, aka Mr. “Sushi”, has become the best thing in which they taught me the sound’s richness, enjoyment, and others, which are the foundation of a play. It is so rich to be really incomparable to the “sound” that I, who get too familiar with computers, make and it is to the extent that I ended up having fun.

Why is it top-notch? If I’m reminded a word, it’s outright “expressiveness.” I think that this particular expressiveness, which goes on producing new things after various elements and not things classified into genres are derived and mixed, is top-notch and attractive. If I borrow Mr. Sushi’s words, the new music in which the extensive sound interweaves is “pop, funk, and of course, jazz.” This time, while giving thanks to everyone who has let me go through the wonderful experience, I would be happy if many people could feel the expression’s richness in the play.