Naoto Ohshima

Naoto Ohshima on Twitter:

Let’s completely dump the crappy game and the love that vanished in the waves.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The appearance of a totally new pinball action game with new sensation. After all, it’s better to have feel-good game as well as love. The hedgehog Sonic debuts on February 14.


Dreams Come True: Settled on Sonic sound with joint concert at Tokyo Budokan!!

I was considering the design images of leaflets while developing Sonic. This is one of the rough designs at that time. I wanted to make it cocky and cool. The copies and so on were entirely my temporary images.

Naoto Ohshima on Twitter:

Mr. Nakamura, who was trained by that Mr. Iizuka, is producing new Sonic. I am looking forward to it very much. I am not a part of Sonic Team anymore, but let’s support it!

Sonic evolves constantly. I think that it is about to be greatly different from other characters.

Naoto Ohshima on Twitter:

Sonic Team had very excellent people. Among those, there was a person whose talent was shining. He can draw pictures as well as having gaming sense. That is Mr. Iizuka.

When producing Sonic Adventure, I consulted with Mr. Naka, “Let’s make new Sonic with him as director.”

Mr. Iizuka is an amazing person too.

Naoto Ohshima on Twitter:

In the past, I was sketching all the animation patterns, marking the pixels, and drawing them.

Naoto Ohshima on Twitter:

A release on Twitter only. In Adventure, I carried out the storyboard and editing on the OP in a short time, but the boss had weak impact, so I ended up changing and creating the design. I think that Director Iizuka had a hard time for sure. 💦