Act 11: The True Whereabouts

Sonic Comic featuring Vector the Crocodile on Sonic Channel:

Act 11: The True Whereabouts

Panel Translation

Vector: My pudding has vanished from the fridge.


Vector: I don’t wanna suspect my partners … but I’ll hear the alibis of you two.


Espio: Hey, alibi or anything, we went out together the whole time since yesterday, I should say.

Charmy: Or rather, it’s sneaky to do things like buying only your own pudding~

Vector: Grrr, unsolved….


Vector: Alright? I’m sure I put it here….

Espio: Calm down. That’s the freezer, Vector.


Charmy: There it is, the pudding.


Vector: Eh~? … I-I made a mistake and put the pudding to the freezer…?


Espio: Shall we talk a bit, Vector?

Vector: Ah, no. This is….

Charmy: This is the punishment for suspecting your partners!

Vector: Wah! Stop, Charmy!

(Loud noise)

Vector: Yooowl. Help meee.