Tetsu Katano


Tetsu Katano on Sonic and the Black Knight Vocal Trax:

Personally, I like the voice of Johnny Gioeli very much. It’s so sexy.

In Sonic and the Black Knight, I wanted Crush 40 to sing the main theme by all means. That is one of the big reasons of inviting Senoue as the Sound Director.

Senoue does not say anything so far, but I arbitrarily thought, He must be glad! It is my first confession with this comment, though. (Laughs) Even so, this time, I had had a very valuable experience. It is because I have never thought that something as far as the interference by my own sensitivity would be incorporated into the song, although he showed me the steps of Knight of the Wind one by one until it was finished. In that sense, Senoue is a professional, isn’t he? He is an artist, but he also cares for the game. With With Me, too, he firmly completes it imagining the scenes in which the game content and the song overlap.

I will not talk more for the sake of the people who have not played the game yet. But why are the two, Emma and Tinna singing it? When one noticed the necessity, the situation behind the story that I cannot tell because of the game’s circumstance might be seen.

Senoue, who is full of service spirit, prepares the fans’s mouthwatering bonus tracks, too. Seven Rings in Hand that Bentley Jones remixed is an atmosphere that fully utilized his distinctive characteristic and that would also not lose to the original. Tokoi’s original version was a good song, too, but I wonder if it is because the unthrowable versions—Crush 40 version (recorded in the album True Blue that every fan already owns) as well as Bentley Jones version—were the compositions that the original has surpassed after all.

By the way, have all of you watched the live performance of Tokyo Game Show 2008 (TGS2008)? I watched at the place alone, but Crush 40’s stage performance was amazing! It is something in which I want them to carry out such performance again with more new songs in hand….