Jun Senoue


Jun Senoue on Sonic and the Black Knight Vocal Trax:

I had always been thinking of what kind of way of exposure I would do for the whole composition design in Sonic and the Black Knight since the beginning. The year when Sonic Adventure in which I worked as Sound Director for the first time was released first in Japan market is 1998.

For as long as 10 years since then, although we had completed numerous compositions together, we used Crush 40 that never appeared together at formal occasions even once, decided to aim at making the image from music, and boosted that frame. The live performance at TGS is, so to speak, our middle target location. It was short, but we received plenty of energy from everyone who gathered at the place. Thanks.

The full version of Knight of the Wind that we debuted at the live performance becomes a totally different performance from the first version while inviting Katsuji for the drums, carrying out the recording, and being the same song. The only reason of appointing him is the feeling of Live and Learn once more, of the excitement when making Sonic Adventure 2 once more. That was the thinking from when the music was included in this project, in which the inspiring colleagues who completed Sonic Adventure 2 together became its core.

While not being awake from the echoes of excitement of TGS, starting with Live Life that was mostly completed in the recording studio, we consistently utilize the motive that we learned from everyone in this album. Also, if listening to another soundtrack Tales of Knighthood together, you would probably understand that With Me is the final settlement that concluded the sound phrases that described Merlina’s change of heart inside this work.

Thanks to the colleagues who realized the things that I imagined, together. It is the feeling of satisfaction that I experience after a long time.

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