Blue Star …for Casinopolis

Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani, and Jun Senoue on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

Blue Star …for Casinopolis

Tokoi: For casino, the image of big band is strong inside me no matter whaaat, and the whole time I had been thinking of doing it if there was a chance for once. The intensity suitable for the rhythm of Afro-Cuban jazz … was the concept of this time.

Kumatani: Personally, I think this is probably my No. 1 taste of Tokoi’s music. Actually, you’d spent lots of time being particular about this, right? But I think this is really cool.

Senoue: My chief is a drummer, so Tokoi borrowed a video of drum manual from him and checked as hard as he could. Eh, have you not returned it yet?