The Dreamy Stage …for Casinopolis


Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi, and Jun Senoue on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

The Dreamy Stage …for Casinopolis

Kumatani: Tokoi’s arrangement is cool…! A flawless arrangement that doesn’t alter the original melody. The piano’s toooo fantastic.

Tokoi: After reaching the point where I wanted to try to change brass’s timbre, I attempted to greatly feature the muted trumpet. It is a guitar that I cannot play much, but it was surprisingly fine when I added it to the intro, so I utilized it. And I kept the brass’s melody in mind so that I did not alter Ms. Kumatani’s thing. Actually, it took far more time than the next music.

Senoue: Tokoi’s guitar has the nuance producible only by him. By the way, I often play in NiGHTS pinball the whooole time.