Taeko Kawata


Taeko Kawata on Twitter:

“Sonic~~~~~~~♥ Congratulations~~~~~~♫”—Amy’s voice actress


Taeko Kawata on Twitter:

The rehearsal situation of guest corner:

Nobutoshi Canna’s singing is very good, you know~

Taeko Kawata on Twitter:

July 2 (Saturday) live guests confirmed!

Afternoon session: Jun’ichi Kanemaru
Evening session: Nobutoshi Canna

“Sonic and Knuckles! As I thought, you guys are reliable~♥ I’m looking forward to the singing of you both so much~”—Amy

Taeko Kawata on Twitter:

As for the cocktail’s taste~

Though it’s something that has mixed pineapple, coconut liqueur, and milk…

In Mr. Jun’s measurement by eye ~ it had superb balance, and everyone praised it highly. ♪

Things like a situation where Sonic makes Amy cocktail (*≧∀≦*) turn into a picture, though~!

Taeko Kawata on Twitter:

I am teary-eyed (T^T) reading the warm messages.

The presents are also hand-drawn pictures, handmade … Amy-related pink and rose pattern, and so on…. Everyone must have considered a lot and gave me these~, I think. (*´∇ `*)

I am happy. ♥ Thank you.