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Shun Nakamura on Twitter:

Continued: “A story with this kind of feeling?” Rough sketch 2 (Attention: In the final product, there won’t be such scene.)

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Shun Nakamura on Twitter:

The title’s name Sonic Forces is something decided very recently. In our team, we still often use the name before the previous.

Shun Nakamura on Twitter:

  1. “Ugh!?”
  2. “Mm!? … Hyah!”
  3. “Hmph!”
  4. “Wah!”
[Back: “How on earth did you … gah.”]

I wonder … if this is an important scene.

Shun Nakamura on Twitter:

The design where Eggman had dominated the 99%, which was inside what I wrote—“A story with this kind of feeling?”—in the documents of the very initial stage of Forces. A rough sketch? Nope, personally it’s serious….

Shun Nakamura and Jun’ichi Kanemaru on Twitter:

Shun Nakamura: The recording side is already starting. I received the signature on this cardboard. Now, who is on the painted area? I hope that I can gift this cardboard to all of you soon. As for the detailed situation of the recording, please check on Sonic Channel soon.

Jun’ichi Kanemaru: Look forward to it by all means!! [Source]

Shun Nakamura: Thank you!

Jun’ichi Kanemaru: Mr. Nakamura, it is I who should say so. ✨ I will do my best with Sonic power wide open!! [Source]

Shun Nakamura on Twitter:

“Serious” is written [in the interview (Japanese)], but I think that you will be able see the so-called heroic actions of Sonic and the Resistance!