Jun’ichi Kanemaru

Jun’ichi Kanemaru on Twitter:

“Are there voices in Mario Sonic’s Rio Olympic? I’ll check it a bit. People who know tell me.”

The elementary school students whom I don’t know and who sat next to me were having such conversation by chance, so…. (^_^;)

Jun’ichi Kanemaru on Twitter:

Sonic Channel staff: Sonic 25th Anniversary 3D Crystal, one of the pre-order bonuses at SEGA Store for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (3DS) released on October 27 (Thursday). ★ We end up being fascinated….
http://ebten.jp/sega/p/7015016071601/ (Japanese)

Jun’ichi Kanemaru: October 27…. As it happens, I am surprised & embarrassed at the fact that it is my birthday.

[Order this set on Play-Asia.]

Jun’ichi Kanemaru on Twitter:

[Video title: Yuichi Nakamura and Tomokazu Sugita Drawing Sonic Without Looking at Sonic]

Fan: When Mr. Sugita (laughs) drew Mr. Kanemaru, how’d it be? (Laughs)

Jun’ichi Kanemaru: No way, I ended up spitting my tea out. What’s up with that, you both? ( ̄0 ̄; But I’m glad Sonic is being loved. Thanks.

Jun’ichi Kanemaru on Twitter:

Whenever I write “Voice actor” in the occupation field abroad, “What are you performing?”, I’ll be asked by the immigration officer. No matter which of these I answer—Henry the Engine, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pat the Hammer, or Swiper the Fox—“Ah, I know!”, a smile will come back to me.

Jun’ichi Kanemaru on Twitter:

If it’s me, a congratulatory movie with my voice is the best after all, isn’t it? Within 72 hours only!
Happy birthday, Sonic!
☆ As one of your fans.

I am really grateful, that many of you took a look at the message that I presented as one of Sonic fans, in more than 300 thousand times. Thank you.

In love and light.
And … I love Sonic.

Jun’ichi Kanemaru and Taeko Kawata on Twitter:

Jun’ichi Kanemaru: Afternoon Sonic, evening Knux, who’ll you pick, Amy? Of course both, right!? [Source]

Taeko Kawata: L-L-Let’s see (^^;. T-T-They’re my partners, so…!