Act 22: I, Omochao!

Sonic Comic featuring Omochao on Sonic Channel:

Act 22: I, Omochao!

Panel Translation

Omochao: You can go to that way with the big spring beyond this point!


Omochao: The door will open with that hourglass!


Omochao: There seems to be something up there?

Pass through the Rainbow Rings and carry out tricks!

No worries, use the cannon~

Keep your balance!

If you jump at the end, the tricks will…!


Omochao: Goal! That’s enough for today! Return to the town and rest slowly!


Sonic: Omochao’s voice is still echoing round and round in my head….


Sonic: Breaktime….


Omochao: You got the chili dog, huh!?

Sonic: (Startled)


Omochao 1: The chili sauce is spicy, so be careful!

Omochao 2: Did you know the origin of chili dog’s name?

Omochao 3: Wash your hands before eating!

Omochao 4: Be careful so that the sauce won’t spill!

Sonic: Geez, no worries, shut up awhile for me~!