Act 17: Senior Zeta’s Lesson


Sonic Comic featuring Orbot & Cubot on Sonic Channel:

Act 17: Senior Zeta’s Lesson

Panel Translation

Cubot: Eh? What’re you doing, Orbot~?

Orbot: I’m looking at the data of our senior robots. I must learn from our predecessors so that I won’t be restructured.

Cubot: Hmm, it’s tough, isn’t it~?


Orbot: So the one that has the most versions is E-Series…….

Cubot: That Omega is also of E-Series, isn’t it~?


Orbot: Omega’s exceptional! It’s too powerful, so it mightn’t serve as a reference!

Cubot: I see~ A little disappointing ones are just right, aren’t they~?


Orbot: I’ve tried to search it with “disappointment.”


Orbot: Errr … even though it was created as a robot of an elite unit, it offended boss because it couldn’t find a frog, and after it was remodeled to a pillar of the battleship Egg Carrier, it was defeated by an invader and exploded…!

(Zeta: Immovable….)


Orbot: I have made tea, boss.

Cubot: Here’s cake, too~


Dr. Eggman: What? Today you’re smart in a great way? Any favor you have?

Orbot: No, nothing in particular….

Cubot: If boss doesn’t get mad at us, that’s enough….