Act 15: Burning ★ Beauty

Sonic Comic featuring Blaze the Cat on Sonic Channel:

Act 15: Burning ★ Beauty

Panel Translation

Marine: C’mon, don’t be stingy. I’m begging you, Blaaaze.

Blaze: No.


Tails: What’s the matter, Marine?

Marine: Blaze doesn’t help me light the campfire!


Blaze: Of course not! My power of flames isn’t a show….


Tails: Eh? I wanted to see that so badly. That’d be cool, though.

Marine: Aye! Blaze gone “bwoom” [lighting a fire] is a beauty too, right!?


Blaze: W-What did you mean by “a beauty”…!?

Tails: Blaze sure looks good in flame red, doesn’t she!?

Blaze: L-Looks good!?

Marine: Aye aye! A burning beauty, ya know!

Blaze: Hey!

Amy: Eh? What, what? What’s going on?

Cream: Hello~


Amy: Eh? No way. I also wanna see the cute Blaze~!

Cream: If it is the campfire that Ms. Blaze lighted, I am sure it will be very lovely!

Tails: These aren’t things like a show, you know. It’s a kind deed!

Marine: Not abandoning your companions whenever something happens is your strong point, isn’t it~!?

Blaze: Nnnrgh.


Blaze: ………… Just for a while….

Cream/Amy/Marine/Tails: Hooraaay!


Blaze: HA!


Marine: Fire!

Marine: BBQ too, please!

Blaze: TAH!


Marine: Finish off the meals too!

Blaze: HEEEK!


Cream: It is lovely.

Tails: It’s pretty groovy, isn’t it…?