Tomoya Ohtani


Tomoya Ohtani on Sonic Runners Complete Soundtrack:

I was able to release this as a complete soundtrack that has collected Sonic Runners Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, which were released as downloads in 2015, into one CD. From my wish of wanting to deliver high-quality Sonic sound even in a smartphone app, I completed it by being particular about the compositions, arrangements, recordings, mixes, and all the processes more than usual. All compositions were made based on band formation, so I think that you would be able to listen to them like an album of pop, rock, and band. Even personally, I like them because every composition also has catchy and speed sensation. Even after the app’s service started, I had been continuing the music production for the limited-time events held in each season, but the speed sensation, in which the music that I had just done its recording and finished in a few days ago had immediately gone to be released as a Special Stage event, was fresh, and I was enjoying the live feeling, which I can only expect in a running title, and producing it. I think that recently, there are also many people who convert the music into a compressed format like MP3 after purchasing a CD, and enjoy it with a portable music player or smartphone, but the uncompressed data is recorded in the CD, so we can enjoy the sound which the creators intended originally. By all means, please listen to the CD’s sound. Please support Sonic series’s music from now on!