Act 3: The Ancient Memories

Sonic Comic featuring Knuckles the Echidna on Sonic Channel:

Act 3: The Ancient Memories

Panel Translation

Knuckles: Although I say things like “Knuckles Clan,” I’m the only one left now….


Knuckles: I was told that a long, long time ago, the Knuckles Clan was also a great force … but it was blinded by power hunger, made a foolish disturbance, and ended up being destroyed overnight.


Knuckles: Well, it’s bad for my ancestors, but that fellow is the thing that’s said to be suffering the consequences. The idea of holding down everything with power isn’t good, you know.




Ancestor 1 (Pachacamac): A guy with potential…!

Ancestor 2 (Tikal): It is no good!

Knuckles: Eh? Somehow I feel like I’ve ended up doing something really bad just now….