Act 1: Sonic’s Favorites


Sonic Comic featuring Sonic the Hedgehog on Sonic Channel:

Act 1: Sonic’s Favorites

Panel Translation

Cream: Does Mr. Sonic have a favorite course when zipping along?


Sonic’s Favorite Course

Sonic: What’s first is the 360-degree loop! I’d be addicted to this good feeling!

As for the corkscrew, the speed won’t drop, and what’s more, it’s exciting!

This is the straight descent where I’d go down all at once from the corkscrew! The feeling of attacking vigorously is my favorite!

It’s also hard to discard the feeling of tension of wall running where the speed joined in!

I’d be in good mood for the spring jump from high speed too!

I wonder if the unstingy number of springs is my taste~

As for the downhill from the big jump … what’d I say? It’s the feeling of dessert!

If there’s a dash panel at the landing spot, I have nothing to say!


Cream: Wow! Somehow it is like riding a water slide, isn’t it?


Sonic: No, water is a li’l….