Takashi Iizuka

Takashi Iizuka on Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack:

Numerous titles of Sonic, who was born in 1991, have been produced so far and we have achieved various changes suitable for those eras, game concepts, and others. Sometimes it was serious, and sometimes it was dramatical. Sonic Colors this time is a title in which we started the project making the enjoyment as an action game as the concept, which is Sonic’s root. The actions that have good tempo with high speed you can expect only in Sonic certainly enliven all the enjoyment as a game such as the Color Power actions that produce the unprecedented exhilarating feeling like progressing digging the underground, flying high into the sky, etc, the brightly lively stage setting known as the huge theme park in the whole game, and last but not least, the comedic-touched story communicating through the incomplete translation machine with space aliens called Wisps, who do not understand our language. The indispensable game sound in bringing out the game, story, and others had been composed with music full of enjoyment this time, too. Reach for the Stars, which is the opening theme, was also completed as a song full of enjoyment with colors while showing the coolness typical of Cash Cash. I would be happy if all of you, who have not only played the game but listened to this CD, could also feel the enjoyment of Sonic Colors.