Jun Senoue


Jun Senoue on The Best of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs:

Sonic and the Black Knight, which we carried out its production in 2008, was a title in which I felt touched at still handling Sonic’s compositions with the same members after 10 years have passed since Sonic Adventure. Sonic Adventure, which I first worked as Sound Director, was released in 1998 in Japan, but the time it was released in the markets of Europe and America, which are Sonic’s main targets, is the next year, 1999. In that sense, I feel very happy and grateful to be able to leave a trace of Crush 40 in 2009 that could perhaps be said as the 10th anniversary since the beginning of the project of mine and Johnny, who were not even well-known at that time. Also including three new recorded songs prepared for this album, I would be happy if you would enjoy them.

And in this album, I had requested Mana-san, who is managing one of Sonic’s fan sites, for the parallelly translated lyrics. There is an established reputation in the liberal translation that first based on the characters starting with Sonic, the stories, and others. Comparing the parallelly translated lyrics of the CD of Sons of Angels in which I had inserted them with my words, and the ones of other albums, I want him to discover his own interpretation.