Tetsu Katano


Tetsu Katano on Sonic and the Black Knight Original Soundtrax:

I wonder what the role of music for the game is.

When I had the meeting with Senoue regarding the sound direction of this game in the beginning, I said that I want to give attention to the environmental sound, the sound effects, and others while inserting the natural composition that livens up the world. I think he remembered it properly with faithfulness around there. To begin with, I joined SEGA with him at the same time and there were also situations where I like metal and rock, his music, after listening to it in the first project, the work that he was involved in, is something that I bought considerably and personally. His music (rock) was to my heart’s content, but I am a professional because I naturally and daringly ordered for the music that emphasized the atmosphere. (Laughs) But Senoue is a professional, too. I show my taste in the first place but am worried about something called the role of music. Although I understand what I’ve said this way, I insist on it, too. He is a man who holds the title of Sound Director indeed. One more thing is that what I had given him as keyword is that I said, “Let’s care for the old Sonic fans.” This was what he has been practicing from the start, so it seems to be just the thing that I want, though. In Sonic and the Black Knight, there are also many gimmicks that would make the people, who are supporting Sonic for many years, grin. It is something that I would like them to experience by all means.

But that might be pressure.

I am fairly certain that the newer it was, the more worried and suffered Senoue felt in the project of this time. At that time, his lament was heard, but I, as well as his friends, family, and others relied on him, and he wielded the whip regardless. Richard, Howard, Tommy, Mr. Minobe, Johnny, too. Maybe. The composition of Sonic and the Black Knight is, for me, a wonderful sound that aims at the compilation of Sonic and in which Senoue had concentrated all his strength. Next time, it is our turn to feel the pressure. After this, the Sonic sound in which more gorgeous members than this gather would probably not appear. … But I wonder if I should make a proposal again if Sonic and the Black Knight were successful. (Laughs)