Akinori Nishiyama

Akinori Nishiyama on Sonic Rush Original Groove Rush:

Every Sonic creator should have a word of exaggeration regarding each Sonic sound. There are some who say, “The rock from the recent Adventure series is nice!”, and there are probably others who say they like the melodious music of the nostalgic Genesis days. As for me, I was overwhelmingly the latter. Although we have come to produce the three games of Sonic Advance series after Sonic Adventure, “If the melodies are clear and the children notice them, they will be humming them,” this is always my order. But in the impact when listening to the music of this time, such policy disappears. It’s the high-spirited and cheerful sound unsuitable for handheld game consoles; it’s the catchy rhythm accidentally rushed out from one’s mouth. “It will go well,” I believed so. When I am happy at the completion of such plenty of music, I will be extremely happy because I can listen to them completely at any time after collecting and making them into CD. (Come to think of it, the director was also humming when editing the sound of the commercial!) I want the people to always enjoy it at hand together with Sonic Rush.