Jun Senoue

Jun Senoue on Sonic Heroes Original Soundtrax:

It is carrying the musicality that we pushed on in the Sonic Adventure series, and the pride in that completeness. Also blessed with the staff around, something really nice has been produced. In Sonic Heroes of this time, we attempted to review the entirety of Sonic’s history again while keeping the good parts nurtured in the previous series as they are, and tried to append something in which we reconstructed the things, which were the important elements during those times, with our current interpretation, as the flavor. I feel proud that the music collected in this CD was completed as something that matched both the scenes and the game’s tempo more than ever before. There is various development, but the backbone of Sonic is a game that the original manufacturer produces after all. Please carefully enjoy the music that has colored the adventure of Sonic Heroes, which is suitable for summarizing the Year of Sonic!