Sonic Heroes …Main Theme of “Sonic Heroes”


Jun Senoue on Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax:

Sonic Heroes …Main Theme of “Sonic Heroes

Even if the group members are the same as Sonic Adventure series, I was aware of it and tried to change the melodies completely. I decided to use the game title in chorus while continuing to make some pieces for the main theme so that it becomes the look of the new game, which is not the Adventure series. Because of that, I made the decision to break the seal of the time since Victory Goal ’96 inside my own music. When considering the tempo in which Sonic and friends jump and run past, what I felt comfortable was this tempo. For the recording of this song, it was tough but fun to fly to Johnny’s place in an suburb of L.A. by day trips several times. The deadlines are always tough, and yet I will come to do it suddenly for some reason. Taneda’s bassline is cool every time. I used the red Telecaster only throughout the whole song. The version included in the CD is something I have mixed again in the studio before the mastering for the CD at the last year-end, and it is different from the one included in the game. Of course, this is the final form I myself have imagined. It is something that has become cool.