Yuji Naka

Yuji Naka on Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track:

Thanks to every user who has supported us so far, we have been able to celebrate the 10th anniversary peacefully in this year after Sonic the Hedgehog of Genesis version was born in 1991. In these 10 years, the Sonic series of as many as 29 titles is born if totaling all the hardware from family game consoles to arcade, PC, and so on. It is also thanks to every fan who continues to support and love Sonic that we could come to produce these many titles and that Sonic has been able to grow big thus far. I deeply appreciate it.

As you know, Sonic is a character that emphasizes speed, and we have stressed and created the actions which have the game structures and exhilarating feelings that always utilize the speed during the game production, but at the same time, we have also stressed Sonic’s innovativeness/fashionability in the sound aspect and been particular about the genres, qualities, and others. In the early Sonic the Hedgehog and the sequel of the same title, Dreams Come True’s Mr. Masato Nakamura composed all the music and expressed Sonic’s characteristics with the techno sound that utilized the console’s sound source at that time maximally. After that, SEGA Sound Team (the current Wave Master) takes over the meanings imposed upon the sound and expresses Sonic with various themes. In that sense, it can probably be said that the soundtrack of the developed Sonic Adventure 2, which commemorates this 10th anniversary, is the result of the 10-year growth of Sonic sound.

I think that Sonic will continue his growth without stopping at 10 or 20 years even from now on, so all of you also please support him.