Tomoya Ohtani

Tomoya Ohtani on Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track:

While I’m happy to participate in the sequel of the masterpiece, it’s something with quite a pressure as well…. It’d never produce a good result in the position like completely stepping on the brake myself before telling people such things as “I wonder if this’d be bad in terms of such-and-such.” I should continue to steadily show my own thinking “This’d be cool!”, having a definite criterion. Make “without fearing the change” into keyword, OK!?

This time, I was also troubled with this and that at the beginning on the occasion of putting rap in the music of Knuckles’s action stages. But it was clear that it could probably be an easy-to-understand hook in the sound design of Sonic Adventure 2, and what’s more, the type called hip hop is symbolic music! The role of rap inside that is ideal for making the character! Rapping the lyrics linked to the game in the background of the action stages is also a point! Above all, I think I could realize it particularly because there were understandings around me. After the recording of rap at the studio in New York, it was impressive that when I told the rapper Hunnid-P “It was good!”, he said, “You like it?”, looking happy…. Chao’s non-stop mixes are a recommendation too!!!

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