Fumie Kumatani


Fumie Kumatani on Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track:

The compositions this time are luxurious anyhow. Rouge’s compositions and the like are all live sound recordings in N.Y. The music of the stages as well. The leading figure Engineer Roy and Mr. Kosugi, who handled the previous theme of Amy, continuously participated this time also and produced the session. The attitude in which Mr. Kosugi said to me, “Let’s make it good music, okay?”, on the first day in the recording in N.Y firmly appears in the sound, too. I ended up being caught in Kosugi’s magic. I am thankful. Shadow’s compositions that I took charge of were a collaboration with Co-Fusion’s Mr. Heigo Tani and completed as unique compositions that adopted original ideas and experimental techniques. I had been wanting to do it together with a techno DJ for a long time and was really lucky to be able to realize it this time. We both have tremendously used our stamina for continuing to pursue the best sound in the mix until dawn, but I am really glad to be able to collaborate with Mr. Tani. He is a very fun person, so I would love to collaborate with him again. Mr. Tani is always a positive person and I would also like to value the attitude of challenging new things even from now on.

This time, I definitely wanted to make something that surpasses SA1. It means that extravagant ideas came to my mind by pondering, Well, what should I do? I wanna do it together with the professionals of that line!…. That wish has come true. Mr. Kosugi as well as Mr. Tani always found out the music that I wanted to realize, and during the discussion, I played the piano and explained, and tried to sing…. We went on making the compositions one by one with such flow. There were many preparations beforehand as well as many tough things, but now I really think, I’m glad to have done it! I’ve completely gone through a good experience!

In SA2 this time, the music genres are different depending on the characters. So when I listened to the sound track, which was finished as CDs with high level of completion in addition to the very rich variety that there might be no limits—rock, ska punk, pop, hip hop, techno, industrial, and jazz—I ended up feeling beneficial. I felt the “hot sound” made with the energies of three people in the sound track of SA1, but I think the sound track this time is full of compositions that let me feel, Those energies have transformed into the deliberately smooth and real sound. Please enjoy it, all right!?