Sand Hill


Kenichi Tokoi, Jun Senoue, and Fumie Kumatani on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

Sand Hill

Tokoi: I make it with the concept of getting through the traps in the sun-baked desert while having the atmosphere of Lost World … and of deciding just a little uptempo music…. But everyone calls it Kasasu [a common name of Kayou Sasupensu Gekijou (Tuesday Suspense Theater, a long drama slot in Japan) but meaning fire sandbank in this context].

Senoue: This is something hot, isn’t it? It’s like a theme song of Kayou Sasupensu Gekijou. The pictures of the background are all silhouettes, of course.

Kumatani: Here it comes. The music in which everyone would come to put the grins on their faces is this one. The impression of totally different stories in this music and the one of Event: Unbound is too strong, and geez, only those things come to mind~!!

Tokoi: Yeah, I might not be able to tell those stories readily….