Twinkle Circuit

Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, and Fumie Kumatani on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

Twinkle Circuit

Senoue: The saying “I wanna listen to something dancelike with Sonic’s theme so badly…” from Mr. Naka and the fact that the tentative title of this minigame was Waku Waku [meaning exciting] Sonic Cart became the decisive factors, and I tried to make it with Sonic’s theme as the motive. You see, you can sing, “It doesn’t matter now what happens…,” in the hook part properly!?

Tokoi: Yes, and Sand Hill was Doki Doki [meaning heart-pounding] Sand Board, wasn’t it?

Kumatani: What’s “Waku Waku”~? What’s “Doki Doki”~? Then mine was Piko Piko [meaning squeaky] Whac-A-Mole, wasn’t it~?