Boss: Chaos ver. 6


Jun Senoue, Fumie Kumatani, and Kenichi Tokoi on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

Boss: Chaos ver. 6

Senoue: For this music as well, I am again doing strange things like trying to decide on 6/8 for the melody based on 7/8 beat. I so like it that it competes for the 1st–2nd place among all the pieces of Sonic Adventure. There is fact that it is also the last boss on the occasion of playing with Knuckles, and this becomes a composition that mixed Knuckles’s theme together.

Kumatani: Cooool! What he likes is sensible, too.

Tokoi: I like this guitar’s phrase. “I made it smoothly,” said the composer.

Senoue: Why did you say it!!? But it was like an overnight? Around that time, I was very busy in meeting during the day, and the music composition started when it turned night!! Completed in the early morning!! I had many positions, didn’t I…?