At Dawn …for Speed Highway


Jun Senoue, Fumie Kumatani, and Kenichi Tokoi on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

At Dawn …for Speed Highway

Senoue: An early morning of the city…. I tried to describe the “citylikeness” from the side different from Station Square’s music once more. Actually, I quite like it. By the way, the tentative title when making it was ABBA. The piano’s phrase like that exists. I wonder if I shall try to make it with a version containing singing….

Kumatani: Yes~ you should try to record it~.

Senoue: Then you’ll sing it?

Kumatani: No, Tokoi will.

Tokoi: Eh, a male sings it!?

Kumatani: Well, look, you’d seem to make various voices…. Like baby’s voice….