Theme of “Tikal”

Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi, and Jun Senoue on Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track:

Theme of “Tikal”

Kumatani: Actually, this is also a version unlistenable in the game. It is a piece that I made, valueing things like all the environments surrounding Tikal and her own hidden heart.

Tokoi: The back view of Ms. Kumatani, who keeept staring at Tikal’s illustration and let the image expand, was impressive. Even if I look at the illustration, the sound doesn’t come out, though…. I’m envious of Ms. Kumatani, who is also good at such composition method. I’m only to the extent of writing nosebleed to the illustration…. (Sarcastic laughs) Excuse me!!

Senoue: Yes, yes, she used to keeeep looking at it. This is a favorite piece for Mr. Naka as well.