Open Your Heart …Main Theme of “Sonic Adventure”

Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, and Fumie Kumatani on Sonic Adventure Vocal Mini-Album:

Open Your Heart …Main Theme of “Sonic Adventure

Senoue: Although this song was the main theme of the ninth piece, it does not mean that we have remade this song for nine times but means that it had nine separate pieces…. Only the backing was produced immediately. We worked hard at the song melody and lyrics (things like rhyming…). The guitar solo was not included throughout, but I put it in with an idea at last. For the “Wi~n wi~n” of the last part of the song, I sound the electric screwdriver with guitar. I wonder if you understand it. By the way, I have prepared one that Tokoi sang for the ad of the production presentation, and another that ex-Anthem–Animetal’s Mr. Sakamoto sang for the download’s demos respectively. I have recorded lots of things…! The recording with Johnny Gioeli was tough in the tight schedule as well but perfect!!

Tokoi: Johnny is good. The part of entering the chorus is quite difficult, but he easily…. The intonation is perfect with his sharp way of singing for that, too. I think it is a completion typical of a main theme.

Kumatani: This has become a song of existence which should be called the main theme really obviously, don’t you agree? And it matched the keyword “cool.” But I know lots of hardships involved in this song. “Hurrah for the birth of Open Your Heart!!”


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