10. Open Your Heart (Main Theme of “Sonic Adventure”)

Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, and Fumie Kumatani on Sonic Adventure Remix:

10. Open Your Heart (Main Theme of “Sonic Adventure”)

Senoue: There were game commercials using this song as well, but we’ll seem to also have a TV commercial of Sonic Adventure Remix!! It appears to be something with nuances like “The game is nice, but the CD is nice as well…,” but have you watched it?

Tokoi: This is a remix of the familiar main theme in the commercial. There are quite many remixes in which the melodies end up changing as well abroad, but this new pop is comfortable. What catches my eye is that the kicks of TR-808 are light.

Kumatani: Huh!? The lyrics and melody that I’ve never seemed to hear of somehow. Did they do it a little too much…? But ’cause it’s a remix!! Everything’s vivid!! He sings in high spirits, so it’s a new main theeeme?!

Senoue: By the way … Kumatani!? The lyrics are brought along from a different part, but I think it’s only the lyrics in the original song, you know.


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