Believe in Myself …Theme of “Miles”


Jun Senoue, Fumie Kumatani, and Kenichi Tokoi on Sonic Adventure Vocal Mini-Album:

Believe in Myself …Theme of “Miles”

Senoue: I was surprised that many people like this song. Of course, I also like it myself, though!! I feel that I started to make this song at night and it was produced in the morning, and it was this condition since the original demo. It is my personal special feeling and to me, he is not Tails but Miles.

Kumatani: I also like this song so much that I think I’d have definitely brought this song to No. 1 if I listened to this CD as an outsider…. Don’t you feel as if only this song came from a different country?

Tokoi: I like Ms. Karen’s singing voice very much. It has the glamor while also being refreshing and tickles one’s maternal, or rather, paternal instinct (?).